As the state capital of the Lone Star State, Austin is packed with people from different places and all walks of life. Anyone searching for a slice of Southern hospitality, comfort, beauty and diversity can have their fill in this capital. There is pretty much a suburb or street for everyone to make Austin home.

Round Rock for Your First Home

A first home is a costly but necessary expense for most Americans. As such, many who are entering this brand-new experience often tend to look for very budget-friendly properties. If you’re in Austin, head to Round Rock for that first buy. Round Rock has three great qualities – it is a hotbed for low cost and bargain properties, provides great security and it is the largest suburb in the capital. Round Rock also offers a lot of mainstream amenities like schools, stores, restaurants and even a baseball team to cheer for! One downside to Round Rock is its location. Poised on the northern part of the capital, there may be commuting issues for residents. If commuting is an issue worth sacrificing for, Round Rock will grow and be a steady foundation for any first time Austin homeowner.

Cedar Park for an Easy Commute

In case you haven’t heard, Austin is infamous for its commuting issues. Grumbles and complaints about gridlocks and commuting times are common. For those who cannot stand these commuter dilemmas, the best place is Cedar Park. This suburb has a commuter rail station, which eases some of the commuter headaches. Cedar Park’s commuter train has been improved and is a great help for many commuters in the area. Aside from the commuter train, Cedar Park is also a great place for families to invest in housing.

Westlake Hills for Schools

School and scholastic life is a major consideration for many families when picking a suburb, and for those seeking the best that public school available, the place to be is Westlake Hills. Westlake Hills is part of the Eanes Independent School District, which has the highest ranking schools in Texas. Westlake Hills is fairly close to downtown Austin which helps with the commute time. Prices of homes in Westlake Hills are high – the easy commute and the school district contribute to the price tag.

Steiner Ranch for Luxury

Don’t let the name fool you – Steiner Ranch is a class of its own. To say the least, it is the Hollywood or most upscale part of Austin. Expensive cars like the latest or even outdated models of BMWs, McLarens, Ferraris, Porsche and other well-known car brands are the norm and are easily spotted here. Beyond that, Steiner Ranch is rife with high-end amenities like golf clubs, new schools, and three community pools to escape the harsh sun. There are also several outdoor activities available such as leisure walks in the leafy neighborhood, a lake club, and extensive hiking and biking trails. Shopping is also abundant for residents of Steiner Ranch and its neighboring suburbs. There are at least six shopping centers to choose from. Steiner Ranch packs a punch in terms of price tags on houses – expect properties to cost $300,000 and up. Despite this, it is a great and peaceful suburb to live for families and retirees.