Relocating to Austin, Texas can be a very exciting thing. New things and new adventures in a new place. It may be a laid back town but it does not lack in excitement. To help you successfully relocate to Austin, there are some things you need to know about it.

There are reasonably priced homes available.

All you need to do is to look around. Prices in this part of the state might be on the steep side. But if you keep looking, you can find a steal or two in some of the nicest areas of Austin. If you are in luck you just might land a place that is near a park. Austin has a lot of these parks which adds a relaxing feel to certain neighborhoods. If you are on a tight budget for housing, you might have a better chance of finding one in the outskirts. Or you can find a fix-upper in a prime area.

The competition for rentals is fierce, but not as much as other big cities.

Once a property increases its price, people will start calling in before it gets higher. But a newbie should not be intimidated by this. The competition is far worse in other cities like New York and L.A.

All of the towns in this city are great.

With this in mind, it may be hard to figure out which area is the best. Take some time to write down what attributes are most important to you in a neighborhood. Some of these things may include the distance to your work, average commute time, housing prices, demographic of the neighborhood residents, unique characteristics, or nearby amenities.

The community of Austin is welcoming.

Austin has gained a reputation as a city known for its art and music scene. Certainly many creative people live and congregate here. People who are not into art have a place here too. Everyone is welcome to relax and spend as much time here for as long as they want. There is no place for being pretentious here. Everybody is accepted for who and what they are.

True Austinites

Before you can call yourself a true Austinite, there are a few things you have to do. The first thing you need to tick off the list is walking along Lady Bird Lake. Locals say there is a special technique for doing a 3 mile loop of the 5 mile long lake.

A visit to South Congress Avenue is another requirement. It is a great place to experience the real vibrancy of the city. Food trucks are big business here. These trucks are huge and the food they serve in these come with big and bold flavors. Servings are hefty as well. It is the perfect place to go for a quick and scrumptious lunch.

Everybody in this town has had a picnic at Zilker Park. Just take some light snacks with you in a small basket, throw in a blanket to sit on and off you go. It is one of the coolest things to do.

Finally, cool off with your fellow locals at Barton Springs Pool.

Austin is one of the ideal places to move into. It is very accepting of people and one of the friendliest big cities to live in.