Here are important factors to remember when building a custom luxury home:

Obviously, you want to be sure to build your new home in the right location. You want what is best for your family, but you should also keep resale value in the back of your mind.

It is a good idea to interview several potential builders before making a final decision. You need to find one that you can easily communicate with, that you can trust, and that has experience building homes similar to your style.

Take the time to craft a budget that accounts for every detail of the house. This includes all of the finishes and extras as well as the appliances necessary for the house. It is very easy to get carried away when planning your dream home.

Focus on Functionality
Just because a home is luxurious doesn’t mean it should be cold and unwelcoming. Make the effort to design a home that is family friendly and also a good space for entertaining. Think about outdoor living areas, a pool, basketball or tennis courts, as well as a functional kitchen, media room, and dining room. As a good rule of thumb, you should design the home based on how you plan to use the home.

Typically, luxury home owners are individuals with a high net-worth. It is important for those homeowners to protect their families and their valuable possessions. Security and privacy are major considerations when building a home. Many luxury homes are located in gated communities. If not, it is a good idea to build a private security gate along with a comprehensive security system within the home.

Consider Resale Value
Even though you are building your dream home, it is a good idea to still consider the universal appeal of your home for future buyers. Can the average person see themselves living in the home? This may affect your decision to add custom design features or use unique finishes. You want to avoid building a home that is too unique.