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Russell & Alma Chorush

testimonial-flower-image I am writing to let you know how happy my wife Alma and I are with our new Zbranek & Holt home in Spanish Oaks. Even after living here several months, we both still fin it stunningly beautiful. And our visitors routinely remark positively on it; indeed, one of vendors who services luxury homes in the Austin area told us that it is the most impressive home he has ever seen.

The prospect of building a new luxury home was initially daunting for me. In the past, the homes Alma and I have purchased were either pre-owned homes or spec homes that had recently been completed by a builder. But your team — Tom Laurin, Sheena McKnight, Jean Barreiro, and Melissa Lindsey – turned this daunting prospect into a turnkey and enjoyable operation.

Most particularly,the project manager Tom Laurin and designer Sheena McKnight treated this home as thier own during the construction, and both acted as our advocates throughout the process. Tom for example, insisted on perfection, even from subcontractors on the pool construction, which was not Zbranek & Holt’s responsibility. And Sheena consulted on color and style choices, and carefully monitored installation of various components to ensure that they comported with the intended vision for the home. Melissa did a wonderful job of simplifying the financial aspects of the construction. Jean was the first Zbranek & Holt representative we spoke with, and the one that initially secured our interest in building a Zbranek & Holt home. Alma and I are very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with this exceptional team.

I also want to emphasize how much I appreciate your team’s continuing involvement even after the home was completed. Like every new home, there are always issues to attend to following move in. Tom has treated these issues as a top priority, even though I know he has moved on to another construction project. Alma and I area extremely fortunate to have had him involved.

We hope to live in this beautiful home forever. But I want you to know that if I ever had to build a new home again, I would not have any hesitation in selecting Zbranek & Holt Custom Homes.

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