“Best business decision ever.

Less than a year ago my wife and I purchased a beautiful piece of property on the Blanco river to build our retirement home. We started looking at builders and finally narrowed our choice to two firms, both with excellent reviews. One typically builds homes about the size we were looking for and was known as a reputable green builder. The other was Zbranek and Holt. In full disclosure, we were concerned with their amazing reputation for building large spectacular homes. I was afraid that at 2275 sq/ft and while very but nice by no means extravagant, our ‘little’ home might not get focus the attention to detail from them that we might get from the ‘little guy’. After several discussions with Steve Zbranek he resolved our concerns and we decided to go with Z&H.

As I previously said; Best decision ever.

Building a home requires a close relationship for an extended time with lots of trust in your builder. In retrospect, I’ve never had a professional relationship with a business that was more focused on making sure every detail was done right and consistently exceeding my expectations. In addition, working with Tony Holt and the staff at Z&H during the last year has been a real pleasure. They are truly nice people.
In the next few weeks we will be moving into our river house and we will always be thankful to Tony, Steve and the rest at Zbranek and Holt for building what truly is our dream home. Thank You!”