This is an endorsement and recommendation for Zbranek & Holt Custom Homes. We have been in the process of planning and building a somewhat large and complicated home in the Horseshoe Bay, Texas area for the better part of the two years. The home is situated on a very steeply dipping property and is therefore split level with a total of three floors and an elaborate boat dock structure. This home has been quite a challenge, as we knew it would be from the very start, and that was one of our considerations in selecting Zbranek and Holt as our builder.

The Zbranek & Holt Team has responded to every challenge and nuance involved in completing this project to our complete satisfaction. Their response to timing and detail have been fantastic. At any time, if there was anything that we were not totally satisfied with, Zbranek and Holt responded such that the situation was changed or corrected to our complete satisfaction.

Over all, the team that we have been working with at Zbranek & Holt has been most professional, timely and one that has paid great attention to detail.

If we had to choose over again, we would select Zbranek & Holt Custom Homes immediately. Thank you for creating our dream home.

Lake LBJ – Horseshoe Bay, Texas