Texas is so blessed to have a capital like Austin. There have been several reviews and articles written about state capitals in social media and print publishings that rank the best places to live. Apparently, there are four major categories that are included in judging these. These four include the Quality of Living, Health and Education benefits and advantages, the economic status of the residents, and lastly, affordability of living in the city.

Those who live in Austin received the good news that their city ranked among the leaders in all four categories. That is one achievement that is hard to beat and there was barely any competition. Only a few of the capital cities ranked high in all four.
The Economy is Stable
The city’s ranking was at its highest under the economic status. This is not a surprising feat as Austin is a city full of entrepreneurs. They love to build their own small to medium sized businesses here. Usually, if a small business starts here, it is going to survive for a very long time. This also makes Austin a hot spot for restaurants, art galleries and more. The community of Austin also supports their own and help these businesses grow. At the moment, the types of restaurants that thrive today are farm-to-table bistros, barbecue restaurants, live jazz venues, sophisticated wine bars, gastropubs, and coffee houses. The opportunities are varied. This is what is nice about the economy of the city.
The side benefits of a stable economy
With the economy rolling, the place has a very low rate of unemployment, less people are under the poverty line, the population is under control, the increase in income opportunity is at a high level, there is a small margin of difference in income between rich and poor, the foreclosures of property and a few more factors that contribute to this stature.

Tourism is Plentiful
Tourism is one of the attributes that the city is proudest of. An indication of this is its lofty position at the top of the survey of having the most number of tourist destinations. This means that they have more opportunities to attract more tourists. There is just so much to see and do for travelers here.

The Infrastructure is Strong
When it comes to Health and Education, the city ranked a very impressive 5th place. It all boils down to the local governments systems that Austin has in place. A good percentage of residents have a college degree. In terms of health, it has a good percentage of hospital beds per 1,000 residents.

Considering Austin?
There is just so much going for the Lone Star State’s Capital. This is mainly the reason why people from other cities and states plan to relocate to Austin. With all the other good things that the place has achieved, this is certainly a very good and wise move to make. And these are just a few good reasons why.