If you’re looking for a secluded spot with a patina of luxury for your next home, turn your eyes to Westlake. Texas Westlake has all the features you’re seeking for luxury and seclusion. Located close to downtown Dallas and Fort Worth and yet nestled amongst verdant rolling hills, Westlake offers an abundance of well-appointed estates. Forbes magazine even named it as one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the country.
Over the past years, this small community has attracted the rich and famous. The list of residents includes family band, the Jonas brothers, professional athletes, and business leaders.
Westlake offers a unique perspective in living the good life. It’s not so commercialized and glitzy compared to California or New York and its domestic and rustic charm can appeal to people seeking refuge from a fast-paced life. Westlake epitomizes rural charm and a simpler lifestyle. In many ways, this country lifestyle can be a great salve and balm for those who have tired of living in cosmopolitan cities.
Residents in Westlake are afforded the privacy and security that they aspire. For many celebrities and those who are in constant limelight, Westlake offers a safe and secure refuge that they live can in without attention and scrutiny. Older residents of Westlake also respect the privacy of their new A-listed celebrity neighbors and they manage to have a peaceful co-existence in town.
Westlake also offers one of the best school districts in not only the state, but also the country. Families can be assured that their children will receive top notch education and opportunities for prestigious advanced degrees.
Homes in Westlake, Texas vary from the traditional to modern. Custom builds are the norm. Most are situated on large lots and offer privacy and quiet. Home prices are high, which adds to the prestige of the community.