On Thursday, October 22nd Steve Zbranek of Zbranek Custom Homes was installed as President of the Home Builders Association of Greater Austin. Zbranek is a past president of the Greater San Antonio Builders Association and a three time Builder of the Year. The keynote speaker for the event was Texas Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst.

One of Zbranek’s goals for the coming year is to increase builder and remodeler industry education. As a senior instructor for the National Association of Home Builder’s University of Housing, he is committed to getting builders back into the classroom with a goal of earning professional designations. Zbranek is a Graduate Master Builder, Certified Graduate Builder and Certified Green Professional.  He is also a national industry speaker and published author on housing issues.

For 56 years, the Home Builders Association (HBA) of Greater Austin has served as the leading not-for-profit trade organization dedicated to residential construction and remodeling in Central Texas. With approximately 800 members, the HBA works with government, public, business and community organizations in five counties to protect every family’s right to home ownership. The HBA and its members work to ensure that those who protect us, teach our children, and provide essential services can afford to live here. The vast majority of new homes are purchased by middle-class families – the very people at risk of being priced out of our communities by rising taxes, government fees and regulations.