Moving to Austin might be the best thing that can do in your life. It is a hip city with a great art vibe but with a lot of opportunities for almost everyone. When comparing it to other big cities like New York and Miami, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that the cost of living here is much lower while the economy is booming. This is one main reason why a lot of people want to relocate to Austin. You might as well add the best barbecue, live jazz music and some of the best weather in the country into the mix.

Before you make the big move, here are a few lesser known facts to consider about this capital city.

1. It is a healthy and fit city.

Fitness and exercise is a big deal here. With a moderate climate, plenty of outdoor green space, and a variety of gyms to choose from, it is easy for the locals to be health-conscious and take care of themselves.

2. Austinites are proud of their barbecue.

For as long as ribs and brisket are on the menu, the people here are going to tell you that Austin barbecue is the best. Among the best, there is one that stands out, Franklin Barbecue. People line up for hours just to have a taste of it. Smoking meats and dousing it in barbecue sauce is serious business here. They love to smoke it and they love to eat everyday.

3. Barton Springs is the go-to summer destination.

Texas temperatures in the summer can go up to a scorching 100 degrees. Usually people who have swimming pools in their yards simply jump in and cool off. Austinites, with or without pool, flock to Barton Springs to beat the heat. It offers them the best and cleanest outdoor swimming opportunity. This is spring water at its purest form and people get in for free during off-peak hours. There is a small fee to pay for the hours between 8 am to 8 pm.

4. Speaking of summer – it can be a scorcher.

Every year the record temperatures get higher in this city. There are certain moments of the year when it exceeds 100 degrees. Most homes and businesses will require air conditioning to keep cool.

5. You will probably need a car.

Austin is designed in such a way that cars are your best bet for getting from point A to point B. Efforts are being made to increase bike lanes and sidewalks, but be prepared to hop in a vehicle to get from one part part of town to the next.

6. No need for a suit here.

Austin tends to have a casual and relaxed vibe. The population is young and laid back – so you can probably ditch the suit and tie.

Overall, Austin is a fun, quirky, and vibrant city just waiting to be explored.

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