According to theWall Street Journal’s recent report on design trends, Universal Design principles once considered specifically for Specialty Living Needs,  have become attractive to younger demographics looking for greater functionality in their homes today.

At Zbranek & Holt Custom Homes in Austin, we combine the functionality your family needs with our Award Winning Custom Home expertise.  Many people ask “What is Universal Design”?  Simply stated these are considerations taken during home design and construction that make accommodations for the occupants individual needs.

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What is Universal Design?

Universal Design is a design approach that seeks to create environments, objects, and systems that can be used by as many people as possible. To this end, Universal Design is the process of embedding choice for all people in the things we design.

  • Choice involves flexibility, and multiple alternative means of use and/or interface
  • People includes the full range of people regardless of age, ability, sex, etc.
  • Things include spaces, products, information systems and any other things that humans manipulate or create

Zbranek  & Holt Custom Homes strives to create homes that fully meet our clients’ needs and expectations.  We understand that needs can be determined by your families individual requirements.  No matter your individual situation we are skilled at building homes that accommodate to any special need; be it aging occupants, handicapped family members or simply planning to your future or functional needs.  Specially adapted homes such as this example made accommodations in the Master bath for an older client that desired a Walk-In bathtub.

A Walk-In Bathtub in the Master bath accommodates specialty needs.

A custom home is a home specifically designed to create a comfortable environment and meet the needs of its family.  Zbranek  & Holt Custom Homes prides itself on our ability to understand those needs and build a home that fits your family’s specific needs.  Meaningful adjustments are often subtle to the new home design and helpful to the occupant.  Examples of these adjustments are:

–      Wider Hallways

–      Lowered Light Switches and Raised Electrical Plugs

–      Roll Under  Sinks

–      Lower Door Thresholds

–      Door Handles vs. Round Knobs

–      Roll in Showers and Step in Tubs

–      Elevators, either installed or designed for future installation

–      Home Automation with web based controls

Zbranek & Holt Custom Homes also have consultants available to assist us in aiding the hearing impaired.  Our system includes American Sign Language translators who remain throughout home construction to assist with all aspects of building a new custom home.

For more information on creative building techniques please visit theUniversal Design website.  We would be honored to work with you on a new custom home that could incorporate Universal Design concepts.

To discuss your specific needs call 512-261-0344.